Is the Consumer really the King in India ?

I think so…What do you have to say about this ???


Common guyz give in your views..!!

    • Anonymous
    • August 16th, 2012

    Consumer is the king until he is needed.

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    • Roopa
    • September 7th, 2012

    Yes I agree with this statement, because the consumers only will decide companies position that leads to high or least position which can/cannot be able to withstand todays competition. The company must satisfy the customer needs, if one is failed the other company contribute the needs of consumer. “Without customer there is no company”, this says that the consumers are the real kings in the world.

    • Akka
    • September 7th, 2012

    I think every coin has positive and negative point, similarly producer & consumer of India is the part of country but the no. Of consumer is more than the producer. We always the no. 1 consumer in the world. I would like to give the example that India is the best consumer we assume more of the electronics item by the china county.

    • Amit Rai
    • September 7th, 2012

    Every company has to take care of consumer behavior. Its true in India and everywhere else. As the company aims for profit, consumer demands satisfaction. In Indian context the multiplicity of firms in a particular business activity has given consumer the privilege to change their supplier in case there is a degradation in product quality or unjustified increase in price. Customer today are equipped with more options and choices than they used to have before LPG. Having said that I would like to add that customer are king in some industry but not in all. For example in fertilizer and energy sector consumers are not really in a position to influence the company decisions and therefore the prices. So I think the given statement holds its value depending on the type of industry, the presence of competitors and government regulations.

    • Nikhil
    • September 7th, 2012

    Hello folks,

    In my opinion the consumer is real king ,because there are situations where in co’s like KODAK,MOTOROLA,NOKIA,NOW SONY and many more..has been bankrupt or been on the verge of acquisition,we can not say they didnt spent a huge chunk of money in market research and consumer relationship management ,they failed because they didnt compete with other rivals in serving the KINGS (consumer).

    Its the consumer who ultimately buys the product and co’s fetch some profit,you can call him/her puppets or jokers they are the ultimate source of money no customer no business.

    There are firms like IBM,3M,HARLEY DAVIDSON,ROLLS ROYCE ,P&G,HUL etc who spends a huge chunk of money just to gain some of customers who are really loyal (brand loyal) they attract ,retain and grow these handful of customers which give these co’s a lot of profit by repeatedly purchasing there products.

    • Vidhya
    • September 7th, 2012

    I do not agree with the statement. Customers are not kings but they are the puppets of advertisements and they fall for that false attraction and create a demand without actually realizing whether the product is worth to be demanded.

    They estimate the product based on the exaggaration created by advertising and do not truly analyse its potentiality. They are not kings but they are the preys of ads. Only a very few are exceptional.

    • Deepti
    • September 7th, 2012

    Yes, I agree with the statement that consumers are really king in India. Because the production of any product is depend on the consumers requirement and preferences. So if any company want to increase their profits then they needs to produce the product according to the taste and preference of consumers. There is a lots of compition between companies say for example telecommunication and electronics gadgets. If consumers are not satisfied with any product then business firm would like to change that product. So according to me consumers are the really king not only in India but also in the overall world.

    • Ruchika
    • September 7th, 2012

    Hello friends.

    This is Ruchika here, excitingly listening to everyone finally I too got the chance to speak. I respect everyone’s thinking and also want to put my view as we all are here to to present our opinion fundamentally.

    Well not stretching it much I would simply put my thought on this topic.

    In some points.

    1) Firstly Don’t you feel that the term “King itself carries such a representative word that signifies something of huge importance”?Aah KING. Yes I do agree Consumer’s are the Real King. As not a single person In fact our entire Nation is a ‘CONSUMER’, it will be wrong in differentiating ‘PRODUCER’ from ‘CONSUMER’ Because guys Producer is also a consumer As he purchase his requirement from another producers- right?

    2) secondly friends Product makers base is a Consumer, be it a small match box Co. Or the Big Car’s manufacturers. Consumers give them market and market development builds growth significantly.

    3) Taste’s & preferences, consumer choice creates the market.

    4) MNC’s to local market do lots of surveys & research has been done, huge money in lump sum are spent on it to read the market demand. People from top to bottom heirarchy in organisation are running their mind and skills to develop their product according to market actually demand otherwise they are of no worth.

    5) fulfilling consumers demand will give them bread and butter.

    6) Yet there are few producers who neither play cost-differentiation strategy nor cost leadership as we have studied in economics-they Serve some specific mass of people. Luxurius leading life section of people and hardly bothers about medium or poor class peple. For Eg. Leading car manufacturig Co. BMW/Mercedes.

    So this particular point could not signify that they have the powers to decide WHAT TO PRODUCE & WHAT TO NOT?

    Therefore freinds I Conclude here by still saying that Yes consumer are really the real KING of our nation.


    • Poonam
    • September 7th, 2012

    HI, I am agreed with the statement the customer is really a king. Products are made according to customer choice if customer is not satisfied they will not buy products and businessman has to tried another one. We have seen in our real market a general man become a good businessman within a year or some year because its product satisfy the customer and a big businessman become a general man because of its product not satisfy the customer.

    • Kangana
    • September 7th, 2012

    Customer is supposed to be the king. But in India does it really work that way? We are perfectly happy with the low quality goods that are available in the market. Is it because of the ignorance of the high qualities available.

    Example : Tiruppur is the largest exporter of cotton. The high quality products are exported to earn higher returns. And the goods which are returned because of defects are sold here. These T-shirts are then branded then sold to us at higher prices. When you cannot be self sufficient. Why export?

    • Deepak prasad
    • September 7th, 2012

    If A Company Has a Positive Attitude. Like as If A Company is agree to treat their Customer as a King. Then A Company Can Achieve Profit year to year.

    Because Without Customer, A Demand could not occur. Because Demand & Supply is Dependable Upon Company’s Customer. If Customer demand is more of a Particular Company then the Productivity of a Company is much higher other Companies.

    The Productivity is High. Demand for Raw Material is High. Then the Profit will be Higher than other Companies.

    So, Every Should Treat their Customer as a King.

    • satya
    • September 7th, 2012

    “Customer is King” nice caption generally used by many of the retailers, but not all the time. Because without customers demand there will not be any scope for building up a company. Theoretically it is correct but when it comes to implementation we all know whether we are kings are not. I too agree that we have choice to select one of the best product among so many products which are available in the market. But through Advertising many of the consumers are tending to buy the product though it is not that much of worth.

    • Nikharika
    • September 7th, 2012

    Hi guys, in my point of view there are two segments of market in India.

    1. Those who are concerned on providing the best comfort to there customers and people call them perfect competitive markets, they produce varied goods to the consumers. And thus allow them to be the KING IN INDIA.

    Services such as airline, clothing, food, lifestyle, . , etc.

    2. The second segment of market deals with the monopoly market wherein consumer are not able to take decision in the process of selection of products in the market. They are compelled to buy one variety of good.

    Service such as Indian Railways.

    • Vanitha
    • September 7th, 2012

    Yes, I agree all of you. In my point of view consumer is the king not only in India but also through-out the world. Unless consumer is not there, there may not be the existence markets, because only depending upon the basic needs of consumer the markets are running. The manufacturing companies can manufactures the things which are proposed by the consumers. While buying the things in the market the consumers desire is that the things should be with good quality, less cost and highly reliable. The markets are introduce the products to the customer point of view, then consumers can buy the products more and that should be beneficial to the the markets. It also beneficial for the development of our nation.

    • Anu
    • September 7th, 2012

    Consumers are king of market because the producer only produce those items which the consumer demands. A producer which do not sell his items as demanded by the customer then he will always be in loss. Indian market have very tough competition and customer always have knowledge of costly, cheaper and reliable product so he will choose the cheaper and reliable one. His selections of product invokes producer to produce product so that it can serve the customer with his own profit.

    The purchase made by the customer only decide the growth or fall of a company. The company name is known only because of customer. If there is no customer, then there will be no business at all.

    So, definitely customer is the king of market!

    • DND
    • September 7th, 2012

    India is called the buyers market. The economy of the country depends on the buying power of the country. We as a customer has a lot of choices now and hence can be called a king if we judiciously and prudently select the product. It all depends on the customer whether he has to be the King or to be fooled. Citing the example of Car we are fled with the options to buy depending on your budget. Same is the case with all products except Petrol. It is the seller who can definitely loot the people if it is monopoly something like petrol. Last but not the least we should always understand that the sellers are also not running a charity organization. Also the middle men to be avoided to get the maximum benefit to both the customer and the actual manufacturer. For eg: How much do a farmer get for a kg of beans when we pay Rs. 20-30/kg- max Rs. 7/kg and the balance is looted by the middle men.

    • Shashank K.
    • September 7th, 2012

    Theoretically a Yes, but practically i.e. in implementation A NO.

    Acc. To my view, customer is a means of minting money, a last piece of the puzzle to make profits. Today in whichever field you see: fmcg, health care, real estate, education and IT i.e.almost every sector of business, customer isn’t really a King, he is merely a puppet who is manipulated by the companies in order to grow.

    Consumers are promised the best but eventually given a lower quality product/service than what had been promised!

    This condition happens quite often and hence proves that although the so called market giants put in so much of hard work in market research and study to devise their product acc. To the consumer’s need, but still their sole purpose is biased to meet their own target I. E. Quite simply earning money.

    • madhuri
    • January 24th, 2014

    According to me “customer is the king” but dis condition applies only in the case if there is perfect competition in the market where there r large numbr of buyrs nd sellers……so seller to earn more profit he fixes the price of the product which can be easily affordable by the customer and produces the product according to the taste and preference of the customer….
    . But if there is a monopoly in the market then customer is nt the king nd he purchases the product at the price which is fixed by the seller nd in this case seller charges different prices from differnt customers..

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