Reservation is necessary for social transformation.

What is your say on this topic????

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    • Anirudh
    • July 28th, 2012

    Reservation is not a solution to the problem of inequality but only a booster of the latter. Instead of reserving seats for the minorities in the high schools proper education, equal in standards by that provided by the private institutions, should be provided by the government to the minority section at the elementary and primary level.

    • Anand
    • September 7th, 2012

    I believe, there is a need to provide need-based scholarship to lower castes so that they can afford this costly education. Providing a good scholarship is more important than increasing reservation quota. If we don’t have adequate qualified candidates, what is the use of reservation?

    • Aarush mehra
    • October 18th, 2013

    According to me reservations is only done for motivating the backward people rather than compromising with quality of education. I am not totally against it, but want that such facilities is needed only to those who are physically challenged, and suffering with economic poverty. For the rest of them should struggle as in the same way others, there is huge place to render talent in India. Also the caste discrimination should be demolished not only from this country but from our hearts. Then only we balanced the tree of equality.

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