Bureaucracy is a Hindrance to Economic Reforms

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  1. Favor :-

    The system in which these bureocrats works includes the politicians and other factors which is affecting the decisons made by the bureocrats in a huge way . So basically as human being every body is thinking about himself.They are taking decisons of there own benefits.
    As the laws have not changed significantly, bureaucrats still play a major role in the process of a business.
    The way to successfully implement the reforms is to reduce the amount of paperwork and red tape involved.

    Against :-

    Bureocracy is not at all hindrance because someone has to play this role.it is necessity.
    Bureaucracy is a necessity no doubt, to have control over the activities of the private sector.
    Rules and regulations that are laid down have to be implemented and the masses have to be looked after which is not possible without the help of bureaucrats.
    As a company requires people to run the business, government also requires bureaucrats to run its affairs.

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